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......@@ -88,10 +88,8 @@ Currenlty, the website is built into a Docker image which is run on a [Digital O
[Gunicorn]( serves the application to the localhost on port 8000. Apache is set up to forward all requests coming into ports 80 and 443 to localhost:8000. HTTPS is made possible by [Let's Encrypt]( and apache is configured to force https.
#### Running in production
Since the CICD hasn't finished being set up, git commits to master don't automatically deploy.
For now, deploying to prodution means `ssh`'ing into, pulling the latest changes from master, building the docker image, stopping the current docker container, and running the freshly build one. The instructions for this can be found above.
Each commit to master gets automagically deployed to production. In the future, only tagged released will get deployed.
## TODO List
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